Blekinge Centre of Competence

Education, research, and development have decisive impact on the public health and healthcare in Blekinge region. Blekinge Centre of Competence, BCC, has a strategic responsibility to translate new evidence, knowledge and information into practical solutions, all for the benefit of the people in the region.

The BCC premises include education facilities, guest offices, conference halls, and a medical library disposable for staff, patients, researchers, students, and to some extent the public.

Research and Development, R&D

A modern work place in a skill intensive area of work must be able to keep and attract staff with a high level of competence.

The Blekinge County Council back its staff by giving good opportunities to development of skills, for example by including R&D in the daily work.
BKC is the hub of the County Council´s R&D with its scientific council, research, scientific supervisors, courses in research methodology, research ethics, and collaboration with the region´s municipalities. BKC constitutes a seedbed environment for a developing and growing health care in Blekinge.

Education and competence development

Skilled staff provides better care, pleased patients, and a healthier population.

BCC supports development of staff in the county council, and the five municipalities of Blekinge region. The education is provided in the BKC premises, on health care sites, or in a network based environment tailored to the relevant professional need.


BKC works together with the five municipalities of Blekinge region and other county councils, aiming at shared skills and knowledge, as well as cost sharing. The work  is also closely connected to the regional administration of Blekinge and its educational centres, with for example network based learning, aiming to keep high academic standards.

Library and educational centre

The library of the Blekinge hospital is specialized in medicine and care. It also offers a large collection of publications and information about diseases and disability for patients and the public.

The educational centre provides staff of the county council and municipalities the opportunity to use computers for distance learning also outside office hours. Available is also projectors, screens, and audio equipment.  

Göran Holst

SE - 371 81 Karlskrona, Sweden

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Vårdskolevägen 5

Blekinge Centre of Competence

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